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Message Subject Psychic Reading exchange
Poster Handle OP
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Feel like pulling another card OP?


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21363812

Hi Kismat :) I don't mind reading when I have free time next.. I will continue this thread, within the next two days.

I need a break for now. I've had a long day and a longer night, but it was a learning experience(I hope) Sometimes I'm thick as a brick or too much of a softee and forgive people too much. Rule of thumb 'just because someone is almost a decade older than you, doesn't mean they're wiser or have developed logic' If they say they are wiser...then reply, like I did, 'don't believe everything you think', like I did. That's my favorite saying.

I'm concerned about the woman with the CAT. I really don't want to give serious medical advice, with my readings. ANIMAL TELEPATHY is what I highly would suggest to any person that comes to this thread. I think this is a site that's a good introduction and it's a beautiful site to look at~ animaltelepathy.com
There's also a youtube video by Debbie M., from that site and I will try to find it an post it, next time I'm in here(I'll try to remember to bookmark it) OR Just go to youtube site and look for an animal telepathy video, with Debbie M., in it, because you'll know what she looks like by her website.
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