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Message Subject Psychic Reading exchange
Poster Handle OP
Post Content
OK psychics and intuitive people, ready to work and grow those psychic muscles? I am!

OK I will pull several cards and I will answer one question with a yes or no answer and explanation why.

Then I just want ONE question answered, I have, right now, about someone, initials are GJD Wondering what kind of night he had.
 Quoting: Glp fan3

You around OP? I am dealing with an issue and wonder if you have any thoughts for me on it.
 Quoting: jennster333

Yeah, I think your name is familiar. You asked a few pages back, but someone answered, I thought. Was it your health?
OR do I have the wrong 'Jennster333'?
No psychic or intuitive reader can say they are 100% right, but if you check with a Dr. you're much better off, than consulting an intuitive counselor?
Anyway, I know a lot about herbs and the natural healing arts... Something else? Ask away. :)
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