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Message Subject Psychic Reading exchange
Poster Handle CodeLucky13
Post Content
OK, I Want to know was I just lied to? Last month this guy I was seeing said his mom has to go for tests, because she might have cancer so this was last month. I showed up at his house and asked what was wrong? (I'm intuitive and knew something was up) (I care about him but don't love him) He told me his mom HAS cancer (just found out)and he's been doing drugs, because he's stressed, and been stressed about something else also(I'd rather not say)... CANCER is a BIG deal and I would hate to have been lied to about that. That would tell me he is a scummy person. DID HE LIE ABOUT HIS MOM HAVING CANCER?

Should I tell him a dirty secret about what I DID MONTHS AGO? I reported him on some cheater websites and if you google his first and last name a bunch of nasty sh!t comes up. I am spiteful and would love to see the look on his face, like I butthurt him for life. heh heh hf

Nobody messes with me and gets away with it.

Anybody have any feelings on this? :-)
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