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Message Subject Psychic Reading exchange
Poster Handle CodeLucky13
Post Content
Well, I am trying to get you to see that he is insecure because he is a cheater. Even if it isn't physical he is always looking . Thinking something might get bettr.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28024724

Yeah, but he doesn't want me looking. He wants his cake and eat it too. Has he had sex recently, in the past week or tonight? Did he lie about that too? Thank you for replying to me. I appreciate it.
 Quoting: CodeLucky13

If you read me first, I'll return the favor.
 Quoting: Borian

Someone is draining you, not what they seem. Invoke the Power of 3 affirmations and the Angels to accompany you with this prayer. 1. I choose to have no lower vibration before me 2. I choose to have no lower vibration in mine 3, I choose to have clarity. Clean your front door and around it for the new energies to come in. You need to heal old hurts.
Working with crystals/stones, asking for a salt lamp for Christmas, color healing, any of the natural healing arts.
Sorry, that took a while. There were some sword cards. Sun just left Scorpio so clean the dead energies, or endings that have happened or are happening. Especially the corners of your home, dust and make it more cozy, with artificial flowers in your bedroom, Feng Shui? Nice smells and some easy plants to take care of and you will feel better. Hope that made sense.
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