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Message Subject Jews are the people hate is there crime
Poster Handle 3ogla
Post Content
Coming from a Muslim who lives in Jordan, a common mistake is to think Judaism has anything to do with Israel or the Zionist propaganda.

Most Zionists are Christians, Judaism is a peaceful religion to whoever really understands it, Modern Judaism is just a bait and Israel is a disposable place and an excuse for Zionism to tamper with the peace of the Middle East and the Islamic world.

Proper Jews are Anti-Israeli, Proper Muslims are Anti-Israel, since before 1948 Muslims and Jews coexisted peacefully in Palestine until England decided to support a Zionist Agenda and create the "excuse to return" to the promised lands, England gathered some blonde green eyed Jews from Northern Europe and moved them to Israel.

Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, they are using it as an excuse and one day when the Agenda is complete the whole state of Israel will be disposed including the Jews that live in there, that is why it is not a Kingdom or a Country. It supposed to become the Kingdom of Israel when the King returns.

Modern Islam is screwed, Modern Judaism is screwed, in reality, Christianity is what is destroying this world, after the bible has been manipulated, it is the only religion where there is nothing forbidden, it is a commercial religion, even my christian friends agree with this.

Read the Quran and notice what reality is, every time we think of Islam we think of Terrorism and Violence, while NATO and all Christian allies are the ones invading every nation on earth, from Africa to the Middle East and Asia. NATO is the one pointing fingers at everyone saying he did this and they did that, and their fuel is the Citizens of the west, if North American citizens continue to feed their government with taxes and obedience, this will never stop.

Americas? where is your revolution? you are the only place left in the world where it has not happened "yet". You are the backbone.

May Peace be Upon you all. Alsalamu Alaikom.
 Quoting: 3ogla 27040894

I'm not going to waste a second reading the koran. I would quickly throw it into the trash. Your book instructs you to kill Jews and Christians where you find them. Jesus is coming back soon and your "religion" will be no more. And no, Jesus isn't coming back just to say He lied, saying He is the Son of God. Your "holy" book is what lied. No wonder, it was written by the father of all lies Satan, whom is the real one muslims ultimately worship.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8640456

"Your book instructs you to Kill Jews and Christians Where you find them"

You sound just like the other 100000 Americans who are fed the same Sound Track. I get from this that you never read the Quran but you are an obedient listener to American Pop Culture.

Yes the Quran instructs Muslims to do that, but "only, In a Estate of War" so finish the sentence before you pick convenient words from it.

Quran believes in the return of Jesus, and Jesus "Never" said he is the son of God, there is no need to argue with someone who bends truth to their convenience. Truth is Truth so believe whatever you want, or whatever you are told.

May Allah Guide you to the right path and bless you with enlightenment.
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