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Message Subject pls pray for me
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The enemy is with in as well as with out.

The roaring lion is out side your gate.

Yet your gate is inside your body it is outside the door of your heart. Or tent how ever you want to see it.

You have the enemy outside as well as this one we all have inside.

This is the way it is with every man born in flesh natural body.

This is so long as we are here in this natural vessel our body.

There is no way you can defeat the lion out side your body with out first defeating the lion with in you body.

The reason why is because once you defeat by subduing the lion with in your own body:

You can take back possession of you soul or any part of your soul making your soul whole again single so to say.

This lion always seeks to drag off what is in your heart behind that tent door.
The lion will lay it out side the door back in the strong influencing natural senses and understanding of the natural man you own flesh body/vessel.
To seduced it into things like angry with a brother or unforgiving wounds that brought grief we just can not get over.

Think of Cain and his mistake as well as downfall.
Cain was written and recorded for us to learn from his mistakes.

Cain was the oldest brother fist born.
No one could jeopardize his standing in the flesh of just being the head over all other siblings shoulders.
So Cain just laid all on his own natural born flesh being and had that all sowed up in the bad.
Cain needed now only to care about what Cain had or did not have in this world and his own flesh life living in it.
So long as Cain eat drank and had a free way to move and live he was happy.
Cain did not care about things that could not give him gain in this present world and life.

Cain cared not for the things of his spirit or the Lord God who is that Spirit that created life in and for Cain. And This creation of life even in Cain was for him to raise up in everlasting life where there is no tears or sorrow or grief.

So what to Cain I am by promise to my father Adam the first born and in line to receive and have what I am due because of who I am at my birth.

Able the little brother was turning cartwheels to get to go and draw nigh the the Lord God who was so much greater than anything in this world.

Abel saw a huge God and one that was a huge strong Lord that could do the impossible even restore back all his parents and him had lost.

Able knew who could butter his bread. And Able loved having such a one to receive from and belong to.

The Lord seen the heart and small attempts of Able to plea for the Lord God to remember him and love him.....to be his friend and keeper. The Lord was to Able big brother and Father.

The Lord loved Able who was a small thing and one trying to win the heart of a God. The Lord was pleased with Able who was pleasing to see before him.

Cain saw the reaction of positive to positive. Cain saw Able reaching out to the Lord and the Lord taking his hand mutually they were pleased with each other.

Slash division seen in Cain's mind night entered his day.

Yet what made Cain the maddest and most angry was:
When the Lord counseled Cain to get him back into reasonable emotional stance and mind.

By telling Cain there is no difference between you and your brother at all. If you did good would I not be pleased also with you the same way.

This was the fire or rage this was the sore spot the weak spot the spot of imperfection in Cain.
Cain did not even see this spot this blemish it was all their fault not Cains. They were making a difference and this separated the way things always were.

Cain did not want to be equal with the little brother.
Cain did not want the little brother to have a head but only a tail behind him instead.
Cain did not want his little brother elevated to equal him in anything or any way recognized or honored.

Cain was by just birth natural birth and man given of the Lord and that was all required and would not be removed by any one not even the Lord.

Cain would stand head above little brother even though Cain despised the equity of the Lord.

So no way would Cain accept the counsel of both brothers are the same in the Lords eyes. Cain refused the Lords counsel.
And the Lord will not hold back giving due rewards love for love. That is wrong unto the Lord who can not hate or refuse to accept love offered unto him.

And the Lord warned Cain in further pleading with him....who was rejecting counsel that was to keep Cain from falling into severe harm and destruction.

The Lord told Cain that burden that debt you are holding with me in your heart who despise my counsel and my words even me.....will be turned on your brother and taken out on him who you hate because you hated me first.

The lord told Cain so long as that sin laid there out side his tent door it would seek to have him....him it was seeking to steal and destroy was the soul inside that tent door....taking possession of it stirring a hate and anger that was there but passed and laid in time hidden ...like bad blood under the bridge........like a snake in the grass this evil laid in wait to take Cain in his own device which was anger at his brother and that over anger at the Lord.

The Lord was not threatening Cain but warning him if you do not master that lion at your tent door it will seek to have you through your brother.

Cain can not master such as this he did not even understand because he refused understanding from the Lord.....out of sheer self pride and pricked natural flesh pride.

So in time it caught Cain off guard striving in verbal arguments with his brother Cain wanted to be over and above him...

And then it devoured Cain alive by catching Cain off guard and not having self control....the anger grew stronger and came forth in a rage to take his little brothers life.

And still Cain repented not for slaying his brothers life only that he would loose that first born place in the family blood line to always be the head above every other sibling born even the next one to be born that would replace Able..Cain would be there over it as well.

Cain still cared nothing but for his own self pride and desires and that was his own way....The Way of Cain.

Spewed out into the earth Cain was cast off from the Lord and his people by birth son of Adam.

Well any way so long as we are in this body of flesh....we are to be on guard for the roaring lion of our own flesh emotions and reasoning basically counsel.

We are to overcome this by and through the Lord and his knowledge and counsel.....and fight the goof fight unto we are no longer in the flesh.

We may sin but we are not to keep that sin...every time we fall prey to our flesh and any weakness we go and seek correction and removal of it before it continues to incite others loss or deaths or harm and our own as well.

Sound like you are in the area of still pressing on like we all do rejoicing for that finish line..

can only be done through and by the Spirit heart mind soul and body...and it takes time.

Patience in our own selves we have to be burdened with to gain patience in your own self's where a lion is in all our flesh..

We have to see it all in our own selves and not hate our selves not seeing these things with hate of our own selves or condemning our own selves...

For if we condemn our own weaknesses and sins as in our own self then we surely will condemn all others of theirs when we feel we have over come them.

How in the world will we very be able to love our enemies when we have never come to love those same enemies in our own flesh..

We have to over come the enemy inside to over come the enemy out side and it can only be done by....good over coming evil.

1 Thessalonians 5:23
And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The more evil the days become the more redeeming the time we press onto...

This has been my today contemplation way before I came here .....and yes it is a struggle to bear our own selves our cross our flesh wretched body of death.

These heavy debt of our own faults will make us sick at heart mind and even depressed in body.

This in turn only makes us more irritable or weaker in our own self control or temperance..our virtues.

Yet in Christ Jesus there is no condemnation in any who abide in him...so do not give up and settle for that is it so be it I am just this way.

No ask the Lord in prayer to do "His will" and "His way" in you by His power and His might make you whole and complete give you strenght and healing to preserver.....keep you on the path and take you to that finishing line.
Ask and you shall receive if you only believe....ask.
practice patience and wait upon the Lord to do the work in you.

But go into His Words His counsel and in this He will renew your mind...refresh your spirit so you can mount up on the wings like an eagle.

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Philippians 2:13
For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

And I say nothing mean or amiss now but in 3 hours I may say something totally stupid and wrong....and hate myself for it.

Yet that is why I am not God and men should not look unto others as though they are perfect in their natural bodies nor as they are God.

This has been a brutal past two days of living with my own wretched body of death.....mercy mercy mercy.
The fires can get hot.
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