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Message Subject Northern Pacific fault is destabilizing! Amazing Evidence, clear pattern developing! Large earthquakes NOT RANDOM! (lower Americas connected too)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm going to re-post a reply I made in one of your other threads just in case you didn't see it. The area you have targeted in regards to the destabilization is right around the area that PACWAVE11 ran a multi-nation, pacific-wide drill for a simulated, massive tsunami erupting from that point.



Did you catch the PACWAVE11 documents that came out late last year?

PDF link
[link to unesdoc.unesco.org]

There are color pictures of a simulated massive-earthquake induced tsunami originating QUITE CLOSE to your "hinge point". I think they used that scenario for the pacwave11 drill...


I also remembered this ELEnin video associated with the "big red X" anomaly on Google Earth from late last year... it also hits pretty close to your "hinge point".

Both of these could amount to moot in regards to your work here, but intuition told me to send them your way anyways.

Cheers and Keep up the Amazing Work!
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