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Message Subject Northern Pacific fault is destabilizing! Amazing Evidence, clear pattern developing! Large earthquakes NOT RANDOM! (lower Americas connected too)
Poster Handle bendinglight
Post Content
BL, I could be wrong but 3/4 of the post is your theory and calculations from your other thread that we have read before, and the video hadn't loaded yet........
 Quoting: Isis One

Not really...

My other thread was about an overall sequence.
Then they shut the Java buoy down.

So now I show specially the Northern Pacific in details I've never shown before.
Show the Northern Pacific movement and how I predicted the last earthquake in detail.

Just compare how similar all the activity is side by side


In short it's noted that when a large earthquake on one side of the Northern Pacific happens that within a 4-5 period a 5.5+ earthquake will hit on the other side of the Northern Pacific, right before that a 4.5+ quake hits the western Alaskan islands AND a buoy within the Alaska region goes into event mode showing fluctuations.
The buoy activity is not directly connected large earthquake because it goes into event mode at a different date/time.

*Large Northern Pacific quake

August 14, 7.7 quake off of Russia
October 28, 7.7 quake Canada

*4-5 days later 5.5+ quake, other side of Pacific.

August 19, 5.5 Canada
November 2, 5.5 quake Russia

*4.5+ quake western Alaskan islands

4.5 quake
5.1 quake
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