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Message Subject Northern Pacific fault is destabilizing! Amazing Evidence, clear pattern developing! Large earthquakes NOT RANDOM! (lower Americas connected too)
Poster Handle ~Apparitions~
Post Content
I saved you the trouble of having to sift through the UNESCO document I posted and took a screenshot of the 'Sample Tsunami Energy Forecast Map' in the PACWAVE11 document (re-sizing it for GLP).

Source: [link to unesdoc.unesco.org]

There’s your hinge point. “They” have been preparing for quite some time. Not in the sense of trying to “save lives”, but rather for their “response” to such an event.

For number-tards out there, "they" did a multi-nation tsunami drill resulting from a simulated 9+ earthquake emanating from around Bendinglight's 'Hinge Point'... on 11/9/11.

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