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Message Subject Northern Pacific fault is destabilizing! Amazing Evidence, clear pattern developing! Large earthquakes NOT RANDOM! (lower Americas connected too)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have been following the see-saw of earthquakes and found it ominous. 1dunno1I set my earthquake criteria to 4. And noticed there have been no EQs all along the WA, OR, And CA coasts, even as large as 4.
It is clear the clusters of quakes around the Canadian coast and down in the Guatemala area are larger and consistent. It begs an explanation of why there are NO quakes above 4.00 along the west coast?

I am only an observer...but I would guess a very big jolt must be coming to the western US coast to "catch it up" to the action that has been on each end of the line.
I think the back and forth quaking does indicate a breaking up of a big plate. It has a rhythm of sorts.
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