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Subject Attn:Astrotards! 50000 Quaoar is this our 13th astrological sign? is it niburu? wth is this?
Poster Handle .:*Buttercup*:.
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i'm a Tongva Indian originating from los angeles Ca. Researching my history, (i don't know much, except i go to alot of powwows and protests when they start diging up Tongva skeletons to build useless condos...but i digress)
Looking up the spiritual history recorded in 1543, i found
our "creator god" was named Quaoar. He/She made laws for the Tongva people to live by. A Christ figure later on when all my people were converted to Catholism.
In 2002, a strange "planet" was discovered out near pluto by cal tech, (one astronomer was named trujillo which btw is an old tongva name). They named this planet 50000 Quaoar.
It is big enough to have its very own moon named Weywot; who was the very cruel "sky god" of the Tongva, and Quaoar's son.
I don't know how to read all the official astro specs, but what i saw was Quaoar is about 1175km big.

Is this planet what everyone sees as niburu?
Is it getting closer to us?
What is its path?
Why have i never heard of this planet before, is it a secrect?
I need your help astrotards...
what's really going on here?
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
50000quaoar info:
[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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