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Message Subject False Nobody's epidemic
Poster Handle I S Z
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Re: Instructions for the Nobody

11/09/2012  Quoting: cristo_dentro

It doesn't matter WHO is, that's not what I'm asking. I could care less WHO it is.

I know there are some people on this site who KNOW things. Im sure they could give this guy...whoever he is, a head start. maybe a little direction, we all know it's going to happen sooner or later but why wait longer than we have to?


11/09/2012 Anon. _____684

That's not how the rules were written. There was very little that what you call "The Nobody" could be told or helped with.

He had to choose his own path without influence.
He was the object of a contest to tempt him into serving Evil.

In a previous time he was a most determined servant of God. He walked with God.. In a way they were like best friends.

Evil didn't like that and declared that in a different situation Evil could get "the nobody" to be wicked.

And so.. the Nobody had to make a choice on his own with no clues as to who he was previously.. or even what was going on this time.
He had to be unknowing of what he was a part of.
Don't worry.. he choose good.. to "do what's right".. again, in this
time... [happened about 50 years ago].

It hasn't been easy at all.. but as the puzzle has filled in since his original choice.. he's grown in knowledge and never once changed his mind about "doing what's right".

And I really mean it hasn't it hasn't been easy.. for a long time he didn't know who he was previously.. but many wicked ones did and they tried to make it very difficult for him to remain true to his choice.

Anywho.. that was then.. but now is here.. You might not realize it, but the wheels of Evil's demise, both human evil and spiritual evil, are already well in motion.

Evil is done. And those TPTB humans who serve Evil know they have little time left and that their master is the loser.


Google: Angelfire Nobody - (for 1 page summary.)

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