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Message Subject Why do people continue to live in California with the constant earthquakes??? only a matter of time before big one hits
Poster Handle Whiskey Brother
Post Content
I can't wait for the next big quake to hit.

I desperatley need the work. After quakes here, you make mass cash putting mobile homes back up on their jacks and leveling them. Patching cracked cement. Replacing broken windows. all KINDS of work!

And then FEMA shows up 3 weeks later to rescue everyone, and even the bums are suddenly sleeping at the Hilton!

As for "falling into the ocean", the few intelligent people know how plate techtonics work, and understand that over the next 500,000 years as that does indeed happen, albeit slowly, they probably wont live for that long, even with Obamacare...

Basically, the ground shakes a little, and then we go on with our lives.
Unlike you midwesterners who get your entire houses picked up and thrown 300 yards in a tornado, or flooded out, or have trees embedded in your houses during hurricanes, or getting your frosticles severely tested 8 months out of. the year...
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