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Message Subject Why do people continue to live in California with the constant earthquakes??? only a matter of time before big one hits
Poster Handle JackedVegan
Post Content
Earthquakes of significant magnitude that actually "destroy" anything are VERY far and few between.

In fact, 99% of Californians will NEVER be involved in a destructive earthquake ...even if they lived to 100 years old.

Yes, we get literally 10K+ earthquakes per year, however, 99.9% you don't feel them, and the biggest earthquake you'd feel here would do nothing more than put a small crack in the plaster of one of your living room walls.

California is paradise on earth....the most beautiful place in the world and desired by all.

 Quoting: JackedVegan

ever heard of Northridge?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28165497

Of course I have. Also Loma Prieta...but those were once in a lifetime devestating quakes which less than 1% of the population of Cali were effected by.
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