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11/17/2012 11:19 AM
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Yeah, Twinkies are good, but my first love was the Hostess Cherry pies!!

Back in the 1980's, I worked for a big office equipment company....the vending machines had Hostess products....the cherry pie was my favorite - saturated fats and all!!! -

One day I got one from the machine and instead of WHOLE cherries, as usual, there were CHERRY PIECES instead!!

I called the corporate office and the lady said that I must be mistaken; there were always so many ounces of cherries in every pie.....I told her that yes, there were cherries in it, but they were pieces, and not whole cherries!! what was going on?

She said she'd look into it and get back to me....yeah, right, I thought....

The others in my dept. razzed me for complaining about a stupid cherry pie!!! But it wasn't stupid to me!!!

A week later the receptionist called back to my dept. and said a man from Continental Foods (parent co. of Hostess) was here to see me...I went out to the front desk and this man was standing there, with TWO plastic shopping bags full of products!!!

I was amazed...inside was bread, wheat and white, a box of HoHos, a box of Suzy Q's...(my other lust next to cherry pies!!).....and a box of their Easter cakes, as this was during Easter time, & other goodies......

I was flabbergasted and thanked the guy over and over, & told him I was never expecting all this stuff!!!

He said they wanted me to be a satisfied customer of their products...I assured him I WAS...

When I got back to my dept., the others were agog over what I'd gotten.......the gathered around my bags of goodies and asked if I was going to share?? I (kidding) said no way, as who were the ones who laughed at me when I called to complain?

Of course I shared,,,,,they got the stupid Easter cakes, which I cared nothing about!

So now that Hostess is gone, I kind of 'treasure' this memory of that company!!dance