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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix
Post Content
How about offering the Nobody the financial backing that is required; like $100,000 to start with - just to help him get situated ??

I can only speak for myself though, this nobody ain't got no bank account ...

he works for those that created the entirety that we exist within, whose payment plan does not yet at this current time exist upon earth.

As it doesn't rely on planetary power pyramids or usury, or Rothschild ...

... but is based upon torsion field science, and an understanding of triumvirate bisection eschatology ...

or the manner in which the cirlce is ellipsed, the sphere becoming a self feeding - self generating ovumnh ...

Hope whoever the nobody is, people start to help him out soon; cause people like me are getting tired of scraping along the bottom ad infinitum.

When is the rigelian loophole going to be erased, and the time lock encoded mechanisms within the greater majority which serve as modulation couplers within our dna-soul matrix interfaces going to be opened ...

... at the very least, the doorway into the soul matrix; to begin with ...

on the other side of which, is the ''Original Intended Blueprint''; which is not based upon a triple dna helix - that is the false trinity of the anti-christ spirits / 'aels infernals - the grey aliens who are triple dna based xenomorphic biologically immortal space faring drones.

Doorway into the Soul Matrix *
[link to sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net]

* As you can see, our di-strand dna helix is anchored between two points inside of an epsilon (space) throughout infinity.

You people need to work on understanding Base Parameter sets, Base 8 and Base 12.

Good luck to you 'NOBODY'; if you are out there and see this; we are rooting for you - or at least -EyE- am.

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