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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Another day when the wanna bee and now desperate ex-handlers do their best to tie down the nobody who is now free.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27948794

My thoughts as well. Op even knows the guys accent. Op, how do you know he has an accent? Have you ever heard him speak?
 Quoting: Saptaparna

Now that the real you is here I will answer but please don't drain my energy with anything negative, it matters not to me that you believe or not it is just the energy that hurts.

My answer is, it wouldn't mater if I knew him or not. If I said I did most would call me crazy and not listen anymore. And if I did know him I wouldn't be able to tell you would I?

For all you know I am from the future and just heard of him through history. But for god sakes I am not a time traveler I was just using possibilities that most don't think of, or think it is crazy.

What is crazy is thinking just because we can't doesn't mean others didn't.

It is just as ridiculous as thinking aliens didn't visit us because they live to far.

That's like an ant saying to other ants "That hard surface we just walked on was used by giant aliens in huge craft that travel hundreds of miles in minutes" And all the other ants laugh and say "That's crazy you can't go that far in that short of time. That would take us generations to do, we would have to build ant hills all the way there".
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