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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix
Post Content
imagine if.... you only had one life... to make a dent in this world... before you are gone forever.... what will that dent look like.... and will the world be better off after your gone....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23018191

Personally, I am just about on the verge of giving up on my indivudated incarnational self; as well as the greater majority.

The necessary connective filaments, as quantum tubules just didn't intersect; thus far the timelines have not been succesffuly corrected - nor has each incarnational identity oriented themselves correctly.

Which is, has been, and always will be very simple - alchemical science of consciousness transformation; a science of spirituality.

It really doesn't look good, it appears that things are going to continue to be played out - towards a very worse case end times scenario; as is illustrated in the book of revelations - not realizing that there were thing sealed up until it was time; how is it that any of you know not; that which was sealed up was the pathway out of the situation we are within now - not via ''ascension'' or ''rapture'' but by facing down the shadow elements - illuminating the shadows and bringing the darkness into the light ((within self, all selves; and within the structures as they have been established - which then would instantaneously be inversted & imploded into the shape of a torsion field - which is what is reavealed when pyramid is reconnected with the capstone)).

There were those of us out here, well I can only speak for myself; I did everything in my power to get through to those who believed they hold the reigns.

Maybe I am a ''wanna be'', only as far as I wanna see the healing collectively our our hearts and our soul matrices - I want to see us climb jacobs ladder via triple infinity - which is what is revealed when ones dual infinity processing is operating at the level where superconductivity at a cellular level is achieved.

It truly is a great shame, you people speak as if you know the ''NOBODY'' or even those who identify with the story as it is being presented from many different angles / vectors around a central axis.

But none of us ultimately know the nobody, not even my own self; for did I - or did any of us ...

We would be more fully embodying our souls presence within our physiology, nobody seems to care - nobody wants to listen.

They want to engage in whimsical flights of fancy instead of face the very real world obstacles we are facing, not only as individuals - but collectively as a greater whole; the ''human species''.

... and not realizing most of all, what was of greatest importance where not only the internal visual images we orient ourselves around - but also our diets; which needed to include the proper alkaloids & mono-atomic elements.

The Secret Sects & Cabal have done a lousy job guiding the visual images we hold dear ...

Do you think warfare truly pleases those above ???

It really, truly is a great shame; unto shem - japheth & ham - Noah's sons ...

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