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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
nobody has friends in higher places.

this place is a speck on a mirror the nobody snorts with his divine fix in a lounge in a gigantic solar system who's central sun is like this galaxy.

this means your all in his head ;) your all his psychadelic trip. SHR's got that right, in fact, SHR IS the guy in a striped pyjamas wearing that ball and chain in hotel california, these GLP dudes can check out but they can never leave. NOBODY loves how they say stupid crazy shit, it's like pinoccio morphed into a real boy, talking out of his ass and lying like it's a cronic disease in his zero braincell, convinced this is real, but he's just a labrat created by a superior mind they make myths about.

still they expect the nobody to fall in line... the very line he just snorted up his nose.

put music to that script and let me see you dance, boy!
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