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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Deeper. I think it's clinically insane members participating in secret projects to fuck up targets for specific traits, some are chosen others just stumbled upon baits. Everyone on the planet are now under total lockdown via the frequency beaming (stealth) tech - some are planted in our homes by our own choise, sold to us as entertainment, communication tools etc (think digital tv's, radio broadcasting/receivers, mobile phones etc) - its hooked up to satellites, but also into the ground and the planets grid, the planets nerve system. We are literally hooked into THEIR Matrix.

this isn't just a little game, it's about seizing control over every man, woman, child just as we were all born into slavery generations back. i don't think we are (do you call it soverign?) our own, ever, it's a pretty lie, we were all stamped and owned at birth (by the UN?), a corporation.

That specific bureau of mindfuck was a (Zio-)Nazi brain child - and it's about the evil wizards research on how to control our minds, emotions and reactions.
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