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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Borian
Post Content

the mineral kingdom and plant kingdom is here to help serve the divine blueprint - and it's a holistic cycle since our dust is turned into their service as we lay our body down.

i believe you. this is great alchemy. tell me more?

sound is a key just as light, you speak of colors but what if sound was forgotten by most, and is now one of the dark wizards biggest toolbox to destroy all. and I don't mean they plink on a banjo now. i mean dis-harmony creating dis-ease.

that's why their stupid agents post so many music videos.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27975931

yes it's all related, I speak of color because it was the first to be known in our field of existence. in the beginning there was void and since void cannot be stable it explodes creating the symbol or grand schematic of our universe. we know this as the big bang..but what people don't understand is that the big bang is a gigantic spore print.

first lets look at the typical artist rendition of big bang
[link to nothingoutofnothing.files.wordpress.com]

now lets look at a typical spore print and deduce what we see in it.
[link to ts1.mm.bing.net]

thus the creation of matter with white overlaying black. white contains the full spectrum of color,sound,dimension..etc. and we know it is of positive polarity dominance.. anti-matter is on the other side of the void.
 Quoting: Perseus7

in "in our field of existence" do you mean earth, human and 3D-field of existence?

"our universe" - could it have been born out of another universe? seeded?

perhaps that's why a well known divine messenger used that allegory.

some say that's what the blue apples is about also. what do you think?

blue apples - celestial places of the fathers house. (galaxies)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27975931

yea basically I am speaking from the human point of view only..we started as spores and developed into our pineal gland which has perception of sight and color..etc. I do believe the primary colors of red blue and green are very important to our beginning and the first people. spores can survive the vaccuum of space so they make the most sense not just because of the spore print also..

I suppose it would be possible for us to be seeded by another Universe. I do know that we have played out this whole scenario several times though. Self destruction every time and going deep into anti-matter only to be spat out again on the matter side.
 Quoting: Perseus7

As innocent as that sounds, you are confusing yourself with that crap. You are you, and only you. You are responsible for what you do, and don't do. There is no cosmic force that will rescue you from yourself.
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