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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
Sweden ends up doing this on nearly every thread he/she goes on. Immediately starts with all the holier than though crap, and anyone that has different perspectives is the monster that is distorting everything. It cracks me up, yet at the same time gets annoying.

Mirror mirror on the wall...huh Sweden?

Besides, you guys are the ones that started off topic as well, with the bees and all that, etc.

To me, every single Nobody thread ends up off topic, because of all the "I know more than you and your dumb and evil' attitudes.

If the nobody threads didn't get off topic, there would be nothing to discuss about the nobody because it has all been said a thousand times before.

He is the anti-christ, he is the messiah, he is jewish, he is christ, he is buddha, on and on and not one person knows who this person is. People are constantly projecting themselves as this nobody just because they want their own personal suffering to mean something.

OK, done with my rant. rant

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