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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
and while we're here
you have to be aware that our planetary system is indeed a living organism.

Although the entire system is presided by the Sun, which is the local God, Earth as a planet is overseer-ed in different ages by Planetary Spirits which are more evolved.

Venus is the Greater Sister of the Earth, the promethean spirits, brotherhood of light etc

Saturn is the task master, time keeper.

you know the other name of Saturn

The End Times means literally the end of the rule of Saturn / Capricorn (Chronos/Time)

people will not have to sell their time anymore to make a living.

The new era will be ruled by Uranus / Water bearer

Beings from other galaxies are involved because of the Harvesting process

The ones not fit for the New Era, are harvested through Saturn and transported to various constellation, given to the path of Service to Self
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