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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
very interesting..the Nobody has had extensive battles with the greys..of course the Nobody cannot be beaten though so they retreated for a time recently.
And what you say about the psychedelics is very important as well.
 Quoting: Perseus7

Well at least somebody is listening, I tried; nobody listens.

I haven't had any extensive battles with the greys, but I have dealt with them back in the day.

They are not the good guys, the triple dna helix is the false trinity of the anti-christ.

Do not be deceived ...

Michael Lee Hill is being at least partially deceived, Pegasus Communications is a Rockefeller front (duh, what is Standard Oil's symbol).

Just fyi ...

Molten Rothschild is the one to watch out for early next year (Primal Soup Bio-Engineering); him and his cousin Nathan; Lord Jacob's son who is working one on one with Tony Hayward and now owns Iraq Oil but got snubbed regarding Indonesia's coal ...

The grey's are 'Aels infernals, this world doesn't not belong to human; is Elohim Garden - Anak not listen.

Hu(man) is Anak / Anak = Gene Spliced.

There is good out there, but it isn't necessarily associated with the grey aliens; beware the barers of false gifts and broken promises.

Wish people would have listened, I have been to the core at the central axis of the entirety; and been in the presence of those who designed the source of emanation (the 144,000 faceted core) and viewed it from outside epsilon based space.

Anwyays ...
Wish there was some way that the components I hold onto could be used to help & assist; is too bad ...

Rothschild is stricken thrice in the book of life = triple dna helix.

12 dna helix = divine immortality.

 Quoting: 12DnA 963968

The nobody has marked and dealt with the Rothschild family, but I believe he will look into it more closely because of your information. Thank you sir.
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