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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
I am still reviewing through this thread, lots of good stuff.

What you need to know is that multiple national governments & the house of rothschild & rockefeller are in collusion with the triple dna helix aliens - the greys; who are biologically immortal / xenomorphic space faring drones.

I have see the technical specs - geneva switzerland from 1993 for splicing a third dna strand onto our di-strand dna helix ((which may afford biological immortality))

It's a long story and complicated, these are not the good guys though and this is the wrong pathway.

The good guys are the ones aligned with the original intended blueprint of 'Ael ...

It has to do with Base Parameter Sets (Base 8 & Base 12) & Planetary Rulership / Guardianship - as well as dual infinity processing and triple infinity (888).

You have to eat your cactus, mushrooms, and salvia (have no experience with DMT) ...

There is information underlying the reptilian (orion-andromedan) tinkering / imprinting - dealing with Alpha Centauri, Sirius & Antares.

 Quoting: 12DnAHelix 963968

very interesting..the Nobody has had extensive battles with the greys..of course the Nobody cannot be beaten though so they retreated for a time recently.
And what you say about the psychedelics is very important as well.
 Quoting: Perseus7

I was visited many times by Greys. All these Christians say that all you have to do is banish them in the name of Jesus. That's so wrong and distorted. Start loving them. lmao. Once I did that, they never came back..though I started getting visitations from some other ETs.

Shit, now I sound like a fruit loop, lol. But, it is part of my personal experiences, so be it.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

They have no ability to feel love and in fact can't stand it being expressed to them. So your story makes sense. We're all loopy here, or maybe we are the most sane...shrug.
 Quoting: Perseus7

I think a lot of this gets confusing because of language. It is not that they do not feel love, they are just much, much different from us. Love encompasses so much.

They do not feel empathy that much. Their energy system is much, much different than ours, which makes them uncomfortable to be around.

That being said, the beings we call Greys are actually multiple species that we lump into one species. Which is unfair and wholly inaccurate. That is why it is best not to judge from afar, or judge others without ever experiencing the others personally.

This is where our faults of bias, beliefs and preconceived notions have tainted our thoughts so badly, that we cannot relate to Truth, we relate to the three above.

It is a shame, and these things must be overcome if anyone wishes to truly see reality as it is, not as they want or think it may be.

Hard road to travel, that one. But, it can be done.
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