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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle 12DnAHelix
Post Content
What am I supposed to do but laugh, and keep laughing, and laugh again and again - meniacly ...

.. at the sad joke ......................

You are going to get what you deserve

we all are, what was invested into as a collective entity.

the biggest jokie in the cosmos ...

Good Job, Nobody



April 4, 2002 - Healing Root Ailments & Gaining Clarity

Hello there, thusly we do greet you 'ANONYMOUS'. We are going to make our initial attempt at broadcasting to you a combined synthesis of Alpha Centaurian-Sirian energetics.

In your previous writings you have become familiar with the Supraluminal Alpha Centaurians and also with we who are of the Sirian Archangelic Luminescence and representatives of the Embassy of the Stars.

For some time we have observed your life's dynamic, all that you have been through within your awakening process.

In many ways this process has mirror reflective components that dovetail seamlessly with what many others have experienced.

Yet in ways your process has been occurring on a completely different wavelength than the majority of other incarnate identities upon this planet.

We have a great amount of understanding, knowledge and information that we would be grateful if you should chose to assist us in translating or downstepping it into written form so that others may see into the dynamics underway with significant clarity.

There is a great amount of information that needs to begin to enter into the collective consciousness and awareness of the human species.

How can you be expected to find your way out of the atrocities that are being perpetrated if you do not even hold the cognizant awareness and perceptual understanding that indeed there are ways to overcome the tendencies towards self-annihilation that are currently being diplayed in the orchestration occurring.

Believe us when we say that there is hope for the human species, hope to overcome these draconian tendrils within the human species collective heart and soul; for indeed there is.

Like we have explained to you previously the root of many of the ailments that are afflicting the mass of humanity lay in a direction which there has been a general unwillingness to acknowledge as the probable cause.

For many centuries your most learned scholars and wisest sages have had interactions with forces that exist beyond the perceptual confines of the capabilities normally utilized.

This does not negate the existence of these components of the much greater reality that exists.

What it has done is to make it extremely difficult for the greater majority of the human species to be able to clearly understand what has been going on.

We can say to you with a certain confidence that indeed it is not the prettiest picture, nor are these root causes to all that ails your species an easy thing to come to grips with.

If these dynamics are not acknowledged and faced up to, the very real potential exists for the escalation to increase in momentum to such a degree that your species will initiate actions with consequences that will have very far reaching effects.

In our earlier communication, your initial introduction to the energies whom we are one aspect; the Sirian Archangelic Luminescences - representatives of the Embassy of the stars .. a stance was taken which was firm and aggressive in pointing the finger at the draconian tendril within your collective species wide soul matrix [ie, heart & soul].

We would like it to be known that we do not harbor any hostility towards the Alpha / Omicron Draconians nor those reptillians from Rigel whom you have become aware of 'ANONYMOUS'.

Neither do we wish to see you turn within each of your own selves in a manner that casts blame towards any specific source.

In essence what this would do is to create further tearing to the timelines and spatial field in which those timelines are unfolding.

It is our intention to see that these root ailments are dealt with in a manner that can assist them in being brought closer to both the light as well as allowing the balance which is necessary.

In this process of releasing the grips which have collectively shackled your hearts, your minds, and your imaginations; balance on every wavelength and in all directions is ultimately the pathway that must be chosen. Indeed this is an extremely precarious dynamic which each human being and the human species in general is woven within.

The atrocities and genoicidal slaughtering that is continuing to unfold unbridled in the middle east is but a reflection and the shadow cast by these ailments affecting the human species collectivety.

We are not here to be your saviours, what we are here to do is to assist you in getting down to the very root cause of the ailments that are afflicting your species.

We sense a great complacency mixed in with or intertwined into the screaming or wailing that is issuing forth from within the depths of your species collective heart and soul.

This power struggle has gone on for long enough, too long already; the behavior being exhibited is some of the most atrocious we have ever been witness to as it relates to the growth of a sentient creation.

The shame that is felt by those who are actually open to their conscience is an indicator of how deeply the current events unfolding are rooted.

Within each and every single human being there is what can be referred to as a "Soul Matrix".

The soul matrix is essentially composed of component levels within your beings where fusion occurs as well as the pathways that allow for the physiological animation of your beings.

Previously we spoke of a tri-une interface, composed of a seamless array of elements woven together. We described these three components as being biological, electromagnetic and morphogenetic in nature.

At the quantum level within you there is a fusion - by which your scientists must come to terms with having to form a greater understanding of what being a humane creation is truly about.

Essentially this is a stair-step process, and it will be recognized through the synthesis of elements that your greatest spiritual masters clearly understood and that your early 21st century scientists have been dilligently and cogently attempting to decipher.

When we speak of humanity or your species in terms of a collective aggragate of individuals or of your collective heart and soul, it is in light of an understanding that we hold of what the Soul Matrix housed by each individual actually is.

Essentially it is the component that allows for an incarnate identity to be embodied within the physiological vehicle Many of your greatest spiritual masters have clearly understood that gaining access to the soul / oversoul, as well as third eye illuminations is dependant on both glandular functions within your brain as well as maintaining a heightened sense of reverence or unconditional love for all of creation.

These are basic principles of physics that deal with sympathetic vibration, or what can be more clearly described as resonance.

This is the inner harmony and opening into your inherent divinity that all spiritual masters have sought to show each self the pathway into.

Indeed this state is much simpler to achieve than the great confusion surrounding such disiplines. There have been gross distrotions perpetrated within the control agendas that have been utilized by your religious structures.

The combined synthesis of energies bringing forth this communication are of an orientation that if recognized, do hold awareness that can be used in a manner to assist each individual.

If you were to look upon this tiny blue jeweled orb in space as we do, certainly you would be in for quite a few surprises.

This capability certainly does exist within the spectrum of potential for each individual to beome aware of.

The clarity that is necessary is not as far out of the reach by a great many as has been believed.

We see this planet, the beings who reside upon it and the karmic entanglements held by each individual as a sort of geometric confguration.

When we speak in terms of the human species collective heart and soul it is with the awareness just described detailing the function served by the Soul Matrix housed inside each individual.

When we view the dynamics upon this planet, we perceive many interlocking geometries that must become more cogent in their symmetry.

Unbridled chaos is not the direction of eaither greater truth, fulfillment or healing of the ailments afflicting this planet and humanity in general.

Nonetheless, for the necessary healing to occur in relation to the ailments afflicting the human species; there must be an unshackling of the forces woven within the interlinking geometric configuration spoken of.

In many ways these forces do not desire to be unshackled from inside, or the manner which they desire to be unshackled is one which will lead to further chaos.

Precarious indeed this dynamic has become that the human species is woven within.

Recognition and bringing forth that which it is necessary to be aware of is truly the only methodology that will provide the means to overcome the annihilation that could occur.

This planet does not belong to humanity; your species merely resides upon it; you are an extension of it; and it is your homeworld. It is your role, as humane creations; posessing a sentient consciousness; to become stewards and caretakers.

We have great compassion and patience with the human species, but you must realize that the clock is ticking down. Either a stand is going to be taken; one that is representative of a higher pathway for all of humanity; or the very real consequences of actions now being initiated will become manifest.

This truly is no laughing matter, and if the perpetration of atrocities continues unbridled; you can collectively guarantee yourselves that your species will become not only the greatest cosmic joke to have ever walked upon this planet - but also a lesson to many others witthin this galaxy.

Is this the ends in sight that are desired by your species, we certainly do not perceive that the inherent divinity contained within each feels this way.

It truly is a shame to the younger ones upon this planet that your world's governmental leaders are unwilling to come to terms with one another in a manner that can bring the dynamic underway into the light.

Each of you who may read through these words has some very deep thinking and soul searching to do.

The question of accountability is certainly something to be considered, pointing the finger in any direction without first looking within yourself will not solve anything though.

For the time being there is not really that much more that we wish to share with you each. In a sense at this time we are testing the waters so to speak, to see what effect and at what level this communication has.

In this manner we will be able to further refine our approach and the best manner in which to communicate with you.

Throughout human history there has been a great legacy of individuals who held the capability to clearly and directly translate both soul level impulses as well as hyper-spatial communications.

This is not an endeavor for everyone, nor will this information be appreciated by everyone.

We definitely are not ones who seek to forcefeed those who show an unwillingness.

This is something that can be used to the advantage of those who are willing to listen to what we have to say though.

We would like to remind you that the energies contained within this communication are of a combined synthesis in between beings who exist in a higher spatial dimension.

The individual signatures are composed of we whom are Supraluminals, residing in the Alpha Centauri system; and we whom are of the Sirian Archangelic Luminescence and representatives of the Embassy of the Stars.

We thank you 'ANONYMOUS', and those others whose eyes, minds, hearts, imaginations and souls may grace these words.

The final thing we have to say in this initial communication is that there is a higher pathway which can be formulated, one that if chosen; will allow for the human species to overcome the Agenda being perpetrated and the annihilation of this civilized world that lay right beyond the horizon and is now the process which is occurring.
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