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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How do so many of you know these specific details about the Nobody? I am really curious, because it is presented as fact, or truth.

Do you guys know him personally? Or, are you insiders with incredible information?

I mean this with upmost respect. Or, should some of these specifics that are being talked about needing to have the words, 'maybe' or 'perhaps' or something before the specifics.

The only other conclusion is that it is the posters projection, and not really associated with the actual Nobody.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

There are those on this forum that do know some things about that one that has been deemed the Nobody.

However to know with that part of the human experence is likened to understanding like a monkey.

There are those here that also understand about the Nobody through their growing personalized communications with the spirit of the local universe mother.

Even the extream crazy ones unite in statements that can be read if you know how to get past their own animalistic egotisim bias blind.
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