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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Good Night
Post Content
What am I supposed to do but laugh, and keep laughing, and laugh again and again - meniacly ...

.. at the sad joke ......................

You are going to get what you deserve

we all are, what was invested into as a collective entity.

the biggest jokie in the cosmos ...

Good Job, Nobody


 Quoting: 12DnAHelix 963968

get a grip, you have lost hope when you should have the most.
 Quoting: Perseus7

You don't seem to understand, elements have already had to travel backwards in time because of this shit going on now - in order for the doorway into the soul matrix to be opened in the first place (on the other side of which is the 12 dna strand blueprint of ael) - to circumvent the triple dna helix agenda.

I know and speak based on personal experience in relation to the ''Time Wave Lords''.

Lets see any of you out there live on the streets for over 5 years, and live without a single cent to your name for over 2.5 - eat out of trashcans, etc.

I must depart.

Be Well
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