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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content
NASA wants a certain type of material or metal that conducts negative polarity. This is where the self destructive nature of the deceivers comes in. They know that certain elements like meteors carry a type of negative radiation or conductivity, they are running out of local deposits of this material which I believe is represented in metals like Coltan.. so they want to harvest a stronger version and bring it here to put in all our electronics.

This is a basic battle of polarity. pos and neg.. good and evil.
 Quoting: Perseus7

So the decievers are for example exchanging materials with NASA and other groups that use electronics/electric engineering... Rare metals collected from various places in space by the greys, in exchange for a little bio samples, humans animals etc (the grey using us as labrats as part of the deal?)

I haven't watched Dr. Who but it comes to mind, as I've seen some trailers or snippets...
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28007883

Every cycle of rebirth ends up with an unholy pact between betrayer and deceiver. They always end up working together and always end up bringing the human race to a reset point where the whole thing has to play out again. This is the last cycle. It stops here and now.
 Quoting: Perseus7

Could you tell me more please about the Coltan mineral and also about what the negative radiation is for? To alter our DNA?
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