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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content
If you want to know the truth about NASA, start with Aleister Crowley, Lam - then look into Jack Parsons; Babalon Working etc.
 Quoting: LEAK IT ALL 963968

There's lots of interesting facts presented in various youtube videos about that, your right. Many of those Agent Provocateurs working on this platform are on their payroll.
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28007883

Ok, I leave that up to you ² then.

No to Saptaparna, the Agent Provocateur, who's been seeking my attention since pages back and when I finally give it to him and expose him for what he is - he goes on to switch his tone, as everyone can see.

It's the T.~!A.-V/I{S|T"O>C%K agenda.
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28007883

 Quoting: Artaius
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