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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
i will relax the atmosphere with a little symbol :)

"Omni-directional sensing of this ritual occasion opens doors at all levels. Feeling into what is at hand. By knowing it, you greatly further it.
We are in a co-creative continuum between what is directly sense- present and our own interior resource. We are meant to tap in the fullest way the sense cues, the signals, the signs and the portents. Yet we are even more sharply motivated to reach back inside and find a creative response that shifts the pattern from potential to actual.
So we stay plugged into the subtle web-weaving between self and world. The collective becomes the self. And the self in turn is quintessentially there for what everybody is going through.
It is so very tricky to operate this way. Very few can hold the balance. Most times, we forget who we are, become our world, and wonder whatever happened to us. Or we can retire into our own hidden places and lose the world altogether.
The skill we must master here is an advanced one. It involves simultaneously, fluently, in the very moment becoming self, becoming world, breathing out, breathing in, with no further preferences nor special desire clusters. We need to be at one with the life pulse authentically.
If we ever can wield this influence well, we will then be able to bring all of self to meet all of life, with neither pole suffering nor in shadows. We will become a collective clearing house for emergent evolutionary currents to be able to reconcile the irreconcilable.
Then it will turn out that this one in here is a sense organ for the whole planet, and that they are absolutely fulfilled in affirming and giving voice to the shared spirit in all itís many guises, with celebrational gusto and contagious spark."
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