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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
Your nervous now. You asked for backup in a fucking thread, isn't that funny.

You wrote this thread to target "the nobody" and your used to "him" being all laid back and playing along since most out there are in the dark of your psychological operations.

Til now - and here you are with backup, it's time for ME to go "lol" now.

the idiot 731 posted in another thread what that I ate carrot sticks in my private home yesterday. he also post that I have handlotion next to me since I did manicure.

You do this everyday, EVERYDAY! ALL the details I do, in my home, in my private life - you post threads about.. You post about how you would kill my cats, so I had to put them to sleep. They were the only ones I had, now you've isolated me completely.

You enjoy this torture. And you expect me to just shut up and go kill myself silently?

I wont. I will expose what you do to me, and God knows how many others!
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28007883

I'm really sorry you went through all that.. :(

I have protection against them that they cannot even fathom..though they have tortured me as well for a very long time while I was confused. Payback is a bitch, keep your head the worst has passed, and don't do anything foolish like physically hurting yourself or others, that just plays into their game.
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