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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
I'm NOT evil. They write daily about how I'm anti-christ. I'm just WARNING YOU, SINCERELY, listen to me!! You don't seem to understand?! Think about it - don't push me, don't make me explode - if you KNOW I'm linked to what I am!!

I have to rest now, I'm shaking. I'm not ever warning anyone like this, so please know I'm doing it since I have to... God forgive me. God forgive them. Don't push me anymore now! Please! I am not the dangerous one. Do hear me, please!

I can't write anymore now, but several days of this tension is just gonna be bad news and don't say I didn't warn you.


 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28007883

Focus on those who are with you.
you are not alone, you might have been until now, but you will not be anymore
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