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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
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back on topic :)

There are these places within the Earth where the timeless ways are held intact, remembered, known as right here now. These places have a magical power of an immense kind. They are deeply magnetic. They draw into them specially selected souls to enact a facet of what they bear and hold.
The souls who are drawn in these find themselves being put through the most ultimate kind of initiation. They must prove that they are worthy to bear the lost inward essence, to draw it forth afresh. There is one quality they must demonstrate to the utmost extent. They must show that they are steady, clear, intact, not able to be thrown off course by the endless testing action they face. And they must learn to honor this pathway and no longer react against it.
They are being trained in a Great Art. They must themselves be the vessel. They carry the magical ways directly within them. But these ways are volatile. They explode contained, fixed worlds. So there must be this mastery to be able to inherit the powers.
Most of the pattern involves waking up from amnesia. To see this lucidly is the world’s strangest experience. You gotta get there is stages. And when you at last are ripe, something else altogether happens.
You find yourself to be just the right person in just the right spot to bring across what is otherwise beyond everybody’s grasp. You do it by enacting the vital force of the timeless ways. You don’t act, you be.
And that kind of presence on that threshold is liberating and renewing and worth every ounce of self overcoming. '
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