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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content
I can just as well post this since 731 log everything I type even though I don't post it.

Yes, I hugged them and kissed them and prayed as I held them in my arms, at the veterinary. meanwhile they died in peace, not in pain as one poster here wanted. someone had put poison outside where i live, and posted on a nobody thread to me that my cats would be killed. he's called flaming sword or something, he who made that post.

it was meanwhile i was in and out of the hospital facing a very dangerous illness. as i was there they fiddled with my alarm to the bed, and refused me painkillers, they have made my life HELL. you who post here, some of you, have no idea of what crimes your "fellow posters" are involved with here. I could go on but it's enough for now.

it's not the "love and light" or smart jokes it seems to be. this is a very deadly and serious "game". it's not a game. it's murder.

thank's for offering me money, again. no thanks.

I've forgiven you of the unforgivable. I've spent years trying to talk to your human side. I realize your not human, your demons.

You guys in this forum participate in placing bets on people you push to commit suicide. You are criminals.

Too bad your backed up by private armies and access high tech surveillance and that you silence opposition.

don't worry to report me to anyone, trust me, I'm already under total lock down and monitored. there's nothing they don't know about me.

Yes, I fucking hate you. But I still try to reason with you.

Today was my first and last direct warning though about not pushing certain buttons. Don't mess with fluffy. That is a lingo you do speak, this I know. You don't care about humans, or anyone, not even yourself, but you care about your game. Well, check mate. Push certain buttons and I'll send you to hell. Basically that's all you need to know. I as in fluffy. I don't care about if I die, but it's others who do.
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