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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content

Nah Duality is OVER for me...! My OLD Etheric Warrior thing is complete.....! that Lesson is OVER for MOI ...!

BUT .....And whereas thou sawest iron mixed
m i r y c l a y,
t h e y
shall mingle themselves
with the
seed of men:
but they shall not cleave one to another,
even as iron is not mixed with clay.

[link to img291.imageshack.us]

I will said that My Father didn't put US with THEM for Nothing andreidita

See A “polymorph” is……..”AN ORGANISM”……that “EVOLVES” over time and generations “INTO MANY VARIOUS FORMS”!!!! :o)

I call This the Cosmic Joke

What matter, in the end, what point in your life things turned around and you found the way within your heart? First day or the last, not the issue. All that matters is that the adjustment was made in due course and soul firmly seated upon the inward path. And it's different for each of us. Some at 8, others at 74. Some Adamic, some hybrid, some Reptilian...!

Remember the ONLY real SIN, that of SEPARATIVENESS. Dividing our planet's inhabitants along any line of division, is that sin. Because anything that separates two people into enemies is the most visible and ugly act in OPPOSITION TO LOVE.

See The Reptilian (Dark Force) are angels acting out darkness, in a divine drama, good and "bad" angels alike, each acting out roles. To smelt the human, of course.

But it's all To refine HUMAN to a higher, nobler essence, than was capable before. ---) The Cosmic Joke..!

Still, on one level, it's total war, because, hey, that role of darkness they do so very well, needs adversaries and the pickings are slim out here you know ...!


 Quoting: andreidita

finally you're speaking. truly :)
all you speak is true, of course.
and if we are at this level, i will make only some personal notes.
as one spirit identifying itself first as coming from Saturn, then becoming honest and admitting he comes from a certain constellation, responded to me saying 'There is One God' with
'Indeed here on Earth there is One God, in this solar system there is One God, but in the whole Universe there are other Gods'
if by Your Father you refer to the One God of this planet, and solar system, it is all fine. He has jurisdiction here, and i do His work.

in terms of subjective consciousness i already achieved all that can be achieved with the current biological support.
seeing the entire history of the universe at all levels in super conscious mode
in terms of polarity, making the last stand on the part of the light/love in the cosmic/planetary armageddon
prior to this i had to make in full consciousness the decision of renouncing life in flesh if i do NOT accept to renounce Universal Love, and i renounced life in flesh.

so this body/soul/spirit now writing has only one important task to finish, till i continue my voyage to other cosmic adventures in the Great Unknown

that is to do his part in building the Future on this small Planet. i know my skills. i know my level. all is according to the Most High.

"To us here, it is starkly self-evident that new forms are needed, that the only appropriate perspective to take is to become a guinea pig for future possibilities to be served without any arbitrary limitations upon this. We come fully equipped to bridge from humanity to those who will come after.
We are the bridge. We want to be stepped upon, walked over. We know that transitional beings do not belong to the world as it is and are not yet fully cooked in another reality. Yet we would infinitely prefer to be in that position than to be stuck in pushing old models and used up forms.

all the rest are details. a little drama for the kids, nothing else. i did not even need to know it in conscious mode and in details, because i already know at other level. and it is enough

much love
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