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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
Keep posting about the nobody

keep lying and hinting

keep believing that you and yours have influence

have a way out?

have anything left but fear and bitterness?

It would be easy to fit all of humankind into a tiny space

and there let them stay

and that's all she had to say

Love is and was and will be real - Love that is Creator came before this gamespace this test this place - and will continue

forever and ever and ever and more than that even,,,

and to those at the other side of the woods,...red rover, red rover, come on over...its more fun

 Quoting: Astræa 25768409

uh for the record..there was no hinting or lying in any of the theories I presented.. the ideas and angles I personally expressed that sound super natural based can certainly be complete BS. but the ones backed by pictoral evidence etc are as real as apple pie..mmm pie..

and personally I've let go of any bitterness or fear..it is what it is. but as far as any real hardcore evidence on who the nobody is..none of us knows, we only know that we each have our own affinity for the concept and feel like it hit home in some way. the fanbois of the archetype are just fans of the idea imo. shouldn't be too much of a stretch for you to comes to grips with.

ps. I never liked red rover when I was a kid..never got called to come over cause I was usually way younger than the others. ;/ bqqhqq
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