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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
that would be nice, while growing up, I have had maybe 1 person to talk to about spirituality, noone else cared lol.

I hope it's all true :)
about the different ages, too me it looks more like we have put our human and spiritual evolution on halt, and given in to a technological evolution instead.

I hope all this about collective consciousness and global spirituality is true, it never hurts to hope for it hehe
 Quoting: Michael_

yeah i know what it feels :)

the negative outlook upon technology is a reminiscence from the atlantis (one era before) bad memories in your human part soul.

but if you put things in perspective, abstract thinking (i.e. invention of tools by using mind, understanding the universe through mind) is a development of this age.

during atlantis it was all about heart/intuition and the astral was manifest. abstract logical reason was not conscious then.

abstract thinking appeared around 30.000 years ago and it is fully developed now.

and without spiritual understanding, the world would be fucked up with the current individuals/system.

so it gets adjusted from above. prophecies and all. just that the specifics of the process are out of reach of any mind. that is why it is pointless to try to figure it out the truth from prophecies and all that.
the hows and whens.

what one can only do in these times in human form is to be grounded in the heart/soul/love and enjoy being in the now.
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