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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content
Btw it was a nice tour in the Mother Lodge.

AND the City of London Templar Church.

AND the close encounter.

Dear Sirs,
Still don't wanna talk about the necessity of the drugging and micro chip?

Kindly, just a crazy person.

(Oh perfect we can post a music video now hahaha *cute giggle from the spammers)

Think I should RELAX? Just ENJOY you talking shit about me and spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on your fucking over the top occult rituals on public television broadcasted for the world to see?

Want me to feel SPECIAL?

I'm asking for a stop to this, and step up to talk to me.

Too much to ask?

Fuck you! Fuck you all!

I know God will hear me, and trust me when I say - YOUR FUCKED!

If the goal was to post this thread to wake the nobody up - the awakening has begun.

Moma is pissed and she's cooking!

Get ready to rumble.

You go worry your "angel ass" about the 2012 scenario and blow sunshine up the public's "angel ass" as much as you like - I know I got the attention of those I need to address.

I just want you little pawn errand boys and whores to know that I fucking hate your guts and you disgust me. You also know that I can say FOR SURE, that your name are written on a list where the destination is straight to hell.

It SHOULD offend a normal person more, that someone is so upset over the crimes mentioned here, more then the person being upset and swearing - anyone that focus more on how I express myself (thus intellectualizing an emotional trauma) is a fucking psychopath and narcissistic cold lizard bitch.

Guess that means most of you posting after me now.

Spam on. add some flowers, smileys and idiot "songs" designed by the mindcontrol propaganda minister hertzian conspiracy goebbels to design obeying drone humans to kill for you.

Humans are good, we stand and watch while mindcontrolled slaves of our own kind kill our brothers and sisters while the fat cats gloat and profit on our misery.

And you want me to RELAX?!

Again - fuck you. Fuck you very much!
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