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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content
I wont commit suicide. I'm just saying that is their wish, I've read it on their threads and in their videos... here, on this forum.

If I'm forced to defend myself for exposing this I can guarantee I do have clearence on all psychological evaluations, but I've suffered severe trauma.

The rhetoric Seer777 is doing is a known personal attack to get off topic, since I'm threatening to expose Agents involved in this on this board.

The simplest way would make you believe I'm nuts, just because I did come across as overly aggressive. I got furious, I'm usually very intellectual myself and keep a low profile, only to address and seek to find those that are capable of complex discussions spanning various scientific and perhaps black ops research that involved in this.

I'm exhausted. I'm sad. I can't be perfect but I wont apologize for it.

Like I said - this is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

If I should be self critical it's perhaps a crises reaction but it's nothing wrong with my psychological mental state.

Besides resent research shows that schizofrenia is linked to high levels of inflammation in the spinal cord - and the spinal fluid surrounds the brain and nervous system, thus causing the organ to not function optimally.

And instead of judging schizofrenic Seer777 you should help spread awareness on latest research showing that it can be cured with high dosage of anti-inflammatory - and not flame it up with your all high and mighty personal superiority ignoring that many suffer being out of touch with the "reality" you seek to lable as "normal", which to me seem to be extremely ignorant and cold. You show no empathy, and all the icons and smileys can't cover that up, "honey".
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