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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Rayrayz
Post Content
exactly rayray, it reminds of that old nobody thread, where 2 posters would post something backing eachother up, attacking random posters and defending eachother when the attacked poster "fought back"

not that Im backing you up or attacking someone rofl, I love the ironi of it all.

maybe I'll get a passive agressive comment for that :/

and also
coincidence coincidence coincidence!
 Quoting: Michael_

Yeah exactly Micheal.

Seems ridiculous and staged.

and I remember when that happened.

What better way to disrupt a thread then to have a few people pay attention to this avid "researcher" ranting and raving... that never mentions Jews, Zionism...and always spews misdirection hasbarat talking points.

It's a sham...a mockery...a shamockery.
 Quoting: Rayrayz

I think this is what you were trying to say...

OYE, give it a rest, this person is in pain.

Theo, all my best to you.
 Quoting: Balance 28165770

lol, yes

but be true to your name and actually consider that this person is actually the shill.

Now that they are confronted, they decide to throw a pitty party.

It's a possibility.

Be "balanced" in your thinking and don't jump to emotional conclusions.

just sayin'.
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