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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content
I want to tell but I don't know to who.

I've thought of contacting FBI directly, or some other intelligence, perhaps they can take me under their wing.

But I realized they are all controlled by men in the shadows.

And as I've read here, even they seem to not know how to handle this, so it's like "no one touches her"-order is set on me, but everyone's watching...

i don't know but I THINK it was the W~./E/-!B= B|'O~,T about a woman starting all this...

some of you know what I mean, i get banned if I post it here.

I just don't want to be isolated or singled out, I don't want to be reading about me, I want to be talked TOO!!! i feel so damn alone, and at the same time, I'm stared at.

it's gone too far. i know I'm strong but my heart is breaking!!
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 20090376

send me an email
 Quoting: andreidita

They monitor each thing I press on the keyboard. It wouldn't matter if I emailed you, they got all my passwords. It's used to post threads and comments (more or less coded) or post videos - all to break me. Plus I don't know who you are.

Most of those faking to be my friend where perpetrators or undercover. I've chosen to isolate myself.

I know some here enjoy the thought of me suffering, they can't seem to get enough of the torture. But I had to shout out... I just want someone with power to contact me.

I don't wanna live like this anymore. I can't email you, I'm sorry, I'm afraid you will just be dragged into targeting too.
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 20090376

brother if that would be a problem, i would be already targeted for telling you to send me an email.
and of course i could be one of them, it's a possibility when you can not trust anyone
but this is not the point.
it is about sharing and establishing a soul connection.
if they already watch all you do what does it matter.
you said you want to share, and i said i listen
and 'privately' it would set up a comfortable atmosphere for such conversation
anyway, do what you feel

hang in there, brother

 Quoting: andreidita

Most people and posters here that are the most frequent regulars in the Nobody threads do the double psy-op game. They fake to be my friend in order to milk me on information/data and from that which they gather they use to create more psychological operations to break me.

It's been done for years.

Even if I speak openly here it doesn't seem to lead anywhere.

Oh and btw, the nobody is a "real person". It's been played with the concept for so long that its now used for various persons close to me that they wish to psyche me about.

It's not just enough to target me, they target anyone I care about.
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