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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Horus
Post Content
it has come clear to me recently
how some coincidences cease as such when creativity is involved.

now IF a god exists,
then that god must be
creator of everything (creativity)
and infinite(yes, brain damage warning if you think too much infinite, j/k).

you can add many other attributes, and they are all well known around the world. both good and bad.

what has that to do with the number 42, which is obviously
THE 42 from a famous book most people should have read by now.
at least watch the movie.


if all your questions are based on knowledge,
that has been
tampered with,
and you are conditioned by fear,
so that you ignore facts, because they are "taboo!"

and you keep asking, and because your question is
invalid, because it is based on lies.
your answer will be something random.
like the number 42.
in reality.
what i see happen most the time
is people do the opposite of what really should be done.
people are mean to the sick.
lock them up.
feed them poison.
manipulate the masses.
accumulate personal wealth.

all perfectly normal answers for questions that are based on lies.
questions that are based on fear.

if there is a god
why would god not accept you
as you are?
do you think god is not with the bad guys too?
trying to make them show mercy and reason?
just like god is trying to do with you too
and everyone else.
infinite powah!! yoda

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to Nobody:

i am become familiar with obsession
it is a kind of mantra run amok
a working tool at first
that shapes your brain into a search engine
with a single goal and a billion targets
guided by no hierarchy of value
so that everything is a lateral synchronicity
that pulls you ever deeper into the rabbit hole
until it becomes your truth
but it does not set you free

i would prescribe for my mind
a koan
a paradox
an equation with no solution
classical is best
set into a time determined
similar to meditation
but with an active thought content
it helps me cycle out

then next time recognize
syncs are a trap and not true
whether set up by TPTB
occultish romancers
or your own unruly mind

defeat them

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quoting from [posted] videos description:
The Kabbalists reveal that this sequence of Hebrew letters encompasses the actual power of creation.
The Ana B'Koach is built from 42 letters and is also known as the 42 Letter Name of God.
Whenever we make a connection the 42 Letter Name, we are tapping into the primordial force of creation."

isn't truth the primordial force of creation?
are you basing all your questions on truths, or are you being lied to?
the integrity of data forming your question is inevitably going to affect your question.

like the meaning of 42 can be what ever the question is based on.

that's why this thread is about 42.
that's why this thread is not about 42.
how it's about:
which are you basing your questions on.
truths or lies?
a riddle within a riddle?
a Koan.
the lies are complex.
the deception is deep.
truth is simple.
seek it.
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