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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Theo (Sophia)
Post Content

Why is it so provoking for you (and the other agents working here) that your stalking cause suffering?

I'm the only one that is NOT "playing". And if you don't want me to be a victim, stop harassing me.

Where I project strength is limited due to the gang stalking.

But I'm doing my best as I've expressed repeatedly, you Agents use my information as you know I got the gift of precognition and it's your amusement to use what I post to create threads to pinpoint my accuracy - which is also your description of the nobody - how "things he say come true".
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28255692

well this explains a lot about our conversation and why you knew all the things I wanted to discuss. Your power of precognition is pretty fancy. You also knew I wasn't full of shit lol. My gift is really strange and I have several. So I'm gonna help you out by bending my will to your protection and peace of mind. cheers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28260886

oh ya I posted this.. Theo I got you covered, no worries.
 Quoting: Perseus7

I knew it was you. I've thought about your information during the day. I'd like to learn more.

I'm particularly interested in that metal you spoke of.
Actually I might have something for you also, something I've picked up.


'An unprecedented approach to the physics behind the extraterrestrial drive, based on David Barclay's Unity theory.'


The possibilities awaiting in modulating the Non Linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration (NTFFA) is immense, as it is only limited by the boundaries of the underlying field, which is responsible for the existence of all matter, space and time.

During the first analysis under a Scanning Electron Microscope the parts turned out to be a layered material.

The layering consisted of layers of 1-4 micrometers bismuth, alternated with layers of 100-200 micrometers of almost pure magnesium.

The samples have a total of 25 layers.

The bismuth is 100 percent pure, the magnesium-zinc is 97.6 percent magnesium and 2.4 zinc.

Read more on "The Casing Theory" here:
[link to www.gravitycontrol.org]

 Quoting: [link to www.gravitycontrol.org]

Personal reflection -
Have you thought about how much magnesium and zinc are linked to the/an organic NERVOUS SYSTEM? ;)

 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28255692

Pers7 -

This is where I'm hinting at with the E.T. drive/vessel material and nervous system:


1. Introduction In the United States a workshop on Smart Materials, Structures, and Mathematical Issues in 1988 at Virginia Polytechnic Institute in Blacksburg could be seen as an important milestone in the development of this &#64257;eld as well as a starting point of several new activities in research and development.

But also future perspectives were discussed [23].

As de&#64257;nitions sentences occur such as "The smart materials concept is based on lntegration of sensors with materials, so that the mechanics has its own nervous system, able to both sense and communicate with outside intelligence...”


”...Looking at the macroscopic and possibly microscopic behaviour of organisms will lead us to developing goals and perhaps mechanics for actuators, sensors, and intelligence for structures and materials..."

Even today such de&#64257;nitions describe visions and challenges of future developments.

Page 2

U. GABBERT In the United States mainly the military and aerospace applications act as driving forces //

The First Joint U.S.—Japan Conference on Adaptive Structures was held in 1990 followed by several other joint activities of Europe, U.S. and Japan such as the annual International Conferences on Adaptive Structures and Technologies (ICAST), the SPIE, etc. //

In Germany for this new area the term adaptrontcs (Adaptronik) was created and clearly de&#64257;ned during a meeting of experts in autumn 1991 [4], where such an adaptronics system is supposed to combine the greatest possible number of functions in one single element and, if appropriate, in one speci&#64257;c material system.

Consequently, adaptability and multifunctionality are key issues of such an osdoptrontcs system [17].

The &#64257;rst research activities in Germany were initiated and supported by the VDI Technology Center in Diisseldorf, established by the German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology, e.g. the Materials Research program.

During the next years several studies about the future potentials of new technologies were published in Germany, such as Technologies in the 21st Century in 1993, were adaptronics was seen as one of eight key technologies of the 21st century. //

In 1993 at the Otto—von-Guericke-University of Magdeburgthe first interdisciplinary research initiative in adaptronics at a German university was undertaken the project ADAMES — Adoptive Mechanical Systems, which has been &#64257;nancially supported by the German Research Society (DFG)since 1996.

In the German aerospace industry, mainly in close relation and cooperation with European partners, several projects were established during the past years to develop new technologies by applying adaptronics concepts //



 Quoting: www.ptmts.org.pl/2002-3-gabbert.pdf
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