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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle 12dna
Post Content
only the nobody can carry one of these and not be consumed by it.

[link to img10.imageshack.us]

 Quoting: Perseus7

Well, if you truly were the nobody; you would know that this is all misdirection - at the base there are 12 nobodies around a central axis (trust not a one of them singly).

... and that central axis is not physiologically embodied; but is our ''central commander'' so to speak ...

nobody doesn't need rings, you sure you are he; or of 'he'.

can you tell me who our central commander is ???

can you tell me which range we exist within and by what color, and our other associations ???

can you speak in solar tongue / zaolvia / zuul language ?

 Quoting: A Friend 963968

I didn't say he needs it, only that he can use it without being consumed. And no I am definitely nobody special. I have no clue about any central commander other than GoD and myself. I manifest on all levels of the spectrum that I need to. No clue about any special language rest assured of that, the only language I prefer is pure truth.
So feel free to check me off your list of pros.
 Quoting: Perseus7

That's too bad, I still guess I am the only one who has been to the 144,000 faceted core and viewed the entirety from outside epsilon based space in the presence of the oplauminal source code designer / programmer; but there should be at least 11 others at the base (according to my notes) - and then 12 sets of 12; then from there it's beginning to be anchored planetary wide ..

Is a much slower process than I had hoped, very dense we be.

Peace to thee,
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