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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content

ok, can you ground your self at a level of consciousness which is above good/evil polarity? (i.e. buddhic plane)

[link to frcmh.tripod.com]
 Quoting: andreidita

Hi, I just read your link and all what was written on it. Did you read my posts?

To answer your question - I can at times and in a general explanation it would be AS IF I am 2 in one.

(I must ask of anyone reading now to not judge my choice of terminology on the experiences I'm trying to share, do not over analyze, it's hard to find the right words here, see it as analogies and don't use your intellectual left brain judgement and structure, thanks.)

I can "be here and now" in my body, mind and spirit, walk around, do things, interact, but simultaniously I do have a "higher view" or vision and insight that constantly "talks" to me (not as in hearing voices, it's instant KNOWING) like antennas or feelers or, if I would use computer language - inside of me, the psychic "Gift"/"Curse" is that search engine spiders are constantly collecting information in from "The All" - and it streams into my 3D "normal" (or "crazy") self and I have fought very hard to accept and handle this.

The stroke of insight or just plain "knowing" comes in symbols (I'm right brain lobe dominant) and in other ways, to me it's been simply like a medium, I just know...

So - let's say I walk down the street, and information comes in the form of random "ideas"/images or "thoughts" - but before I used to be attached to it and didn't realize I was over sensitive or a super empath, so my mood could alter just by walking by someone, or a place didn't feel right and I felt literally sick.

I've tried to find information about being paranormally gifted empath, and how to deal with it. I have had to isolate, or get pissed drunk when I go out, since I felt it would numb me - but lately it seems I can see even more - and it's as if the veil is thinner and it scares the living hell out of me.

It's also hard to go above Buddha mode being surrounded by Agent Provoateurs that do all they can to target me with false or faked theatres and psy ops, but I filter that out mostly now - I used to be very open hearted and extremely loving, wanting to heal and fix and save everyone - til I realized most was vampires, have dysfunctions or a disorder making them extremely self serving and abusive.

So, I can be "here" and interact, and I can register "other things" now without and handle it a bit better - I don't like though why it happens, it used to almost drive me insane thinking I made it happen.

I've talked to a member that participated in Project StarGate - [link to psychicwarrior.com]
and it helped me understand.

I'ts horrible at times, and that makes it extremely demanding to fight so hard to force myself not to pay attention to screams or signals that demand all my attention away from something I might be doing. I've tried to find help in how to turn it off. I've prayed, I talked to priests, I've been reading books, watching films, visited mediums etc - but I can't stop it.

I don't do drugs or numb myself, I try to detox and eat lot's of very healthy things, water and so on.

But it's hard.

I don't think there's not anything I've tried. But we are in a war here, it's a spiritual war and the attacks are on all fronts, and it's body, mind and spirit. This would demand a warrior spirit, to survive.

You must understand. I hope you respect that I'm telling the truth here, without being a whiny self-important or self pitying victim. It's fact.

It's not easy to go into a calm state of mind - and stay there, when you are having extreme physical pain (medical condition having to do with the nervous system) as well as being harassed, stalked and violated and mind fucked with.

But the times I manage to "Get there", I feel very good, and it's easier to detach myself from this world and it's shitty fucked up conflicts and insane people and their screwed up personalities and disgusting evil manors.

And you?
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28320869

I hope my little gesture of protection has been helping ease your mind a little, the only reason I haven't responded to all your posts is that it's just too much for me. I have a really bad case of tunnel vision sometimes and I cannot take overwhelming amounts of info. We are like totally opposite in that sense it seems. Btw it seems you have a secret admirer lulz.
wwwasp ~ ~ beeeees aaaaaah

ps. cannabis with a good percentage of CBD(cannabidiol) would help to calm you immensely.
 Quoting: Perseus7

I'm a woman, I can multi task ;)

That's how I will wear you down and conquer the world, moahaha! NOT.

Anyway. Just focus on the metal you spoke of before, I'm curious... care to share?

Cannabis sounds great, but all good stuff is illegal, so but I'll will go for a trip (lol) coming back to earth MUUUUCH calmer.

Btw I am calm now, I exploded but I'm not manic, I can be pissed of and get it out of my system then I'm up on the sadle again. It's not a permanent rage, unlike their permanent insanity ;)

I haven't payed much attention to the forum lately, been busy but - when you read this, just remind me about the metal again, I'd appreciate it.
 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28354521

Glad you are in much better spirits, yea that whole multi-tasking thing escapes me completely ;p

As far as the metal..the theory goes something like this.. 4.5 billion years ago around the time the earth was relatively new it seems some meteorites hit our planet. One of them was confirmed found at a place called Tazewell(sounds a lot like Rozwell) in the U.S. 100lb meteorite discovered in the 1800's. One chunk of this same meteorite was found in someone's home recently..there was a news story on it and they showed the rock to be of a black and red coloring..but someone in the family who owned it painted it all green long ago and they were using it as a doorstop. Anyways my belief is that one of these meteorites contaminated whatever our earliest form of life was and created a mutation among a certain portion of it. If we understand how the large hadron collider smashes atoms to form anti-matter then wouldnt the formation of a meteor by an exploding planet also create some type of anti-matter radiation? This is conjecture as I haven't confirmed this is possible but it seems logical. Coltan is a metal used in all our cell phones..can anyone answer why this super rare metal has to be used..it also happens to have the same coloration as the Tazewell meteorite..black and red. The stones used in the Kabaa stone chamber to trap their beast are also of this type. I believe it is some kind of negative polarity conducting material..very evil.

NASA is working hard with SPACEX to mine asteroids..put 2 and 2 together. Again I could be completely talking out of my ass but it's worth looking into.

[link to news.yahoo.com]

[link to www.genesisny.net]

[link to blogs.ubc.ca]

Kabaa stones

[link to muslimmatters.org]

Nasa Fermi detects anti-matter gamma rays

[link to www.nasa.gov]

Spacex Asteroid Mining
[link to www.mnn.com]
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