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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content

There is an angry swedish woman that i have to answer to.

She has serious power.

I should let her demonstrate it...again...so you will understand.

It is NOT my mission. Its hers.
 Quoting: wwwasp

your mission seems to be to help her ground so to fulfill her mission.
it seems you two are karmically connected.

then again, we are well past the point return.
light will manifest in this world with or without Lisbett.
it is up to her to get to terms with this, and do her part
and it seems it is up to you to ground her.
nevertheless, this power-mongering is not too heart-centered.
on the contrary
gifts from god can be taken as well as they were given.
because they are given for being use with a specific purpose.
and all i speak to you is not from books but from real experience. so maybe you should read twice between getting all excited and shouting about her grand powers and how we don't understand what she can do :)
many don't, indeed.
but do an effort and target the energy behind some words, if you want to understand their meaning

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