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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content


I am her spokesperson. I guess.

Ive said so much.

All anyone wants to do is hide and bullshit.

Anonymous??? Are you kidding me?

Its Lisbeth.

 Quoting: wwwasp

then she should get a grip on herself, as a dragon.
and connect.
she should remember her lineage.

"We have been here all along. We have stayed underfoot. Our voice, our part has been subliminal. Our power has expressed itself in all the subtle, hidden gestures and meanings, which outer mind passes by, which we all know are the substance of this life.
What we have been doing as we wait for the old tired world to die away is to form an alliance with the earth and all the beings of earth, gathering strength, keeping out of surface affairs, just expectantly knowing our time is soon to come. And so we have indeed stayed well under and been perfectly equipped to carry on in this way forever.
We bear the authority of everything you have cast out in order to civilize the surface and push the depths under. We speak the silent languages of those who do not need to say much, a glance is sufficient.
We are aware that the old timers are crumbling and we are emerging. It may take us an adjustment to be willing to share, to disclose, to offer freely what we have been storing up in so many cellars since the dawn of time. We are not the least accustomed to the light of day. We have to do without, and if we are to be headed now, come to us on our own terms.
Listen closely. Pay careful heed. We share from a depth of experience that is startling. And if you are able to tune to our frequency of denial, suppressed worlds, you will be exposed to something you perhaps assumed had long ago passed from this world.
We are mighty. We are relentless. We can take on any form and no form. The outward matters little. What we seek now is for the whole circle to be restored. Shallow worlds, take notice! We have found our path now, we have remembered our lineage, and we will not be turned back. "
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