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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
sophia someone was on last nite posing as a red of your kind, I had left some bait out but I have no idea if truly was a red or not. claimed to have met a nobody in the 80's in Egypt but the story sounded like bs except for the talk of eyes.. anyways I tested his/her aura to see what the response was, the aura was weakened and he/she stopped posting..shrug.

Thread: The profile that fits the nobody

great imagery on that vid btw
 Quoting: Perseus7

Hi Pers7. I read that. And I've tried to make you and others aware, seriously now, I'm not bullshitting and I'm very mentally stable (despite and against all odds) - that this forum is involved in harassing me as a Target.

 Quoting: Theo (Sophia) 28477792

you know me and long posts, I did read it all, but all I can really say is something from a song my Grandma used to always quote.."que sera sera, whatever will be will be". ;/

It's not much help, but from where I sit and the claims I've already put out regarding my own involvement in this whole insanity would just make anything else I say to you sound contrived and fake. In my egocentric and especially delusional brain all this no body stuff is just a weird synchronicity I didn't expect to find, but happened to fit maddeningly(as it seems to do for everyone) with whatever song I'd already performed before I found this site. I have never actually been a nobody though tbh, I always knew I was right about most things regardless of what the general riffraff thought. So the name doesn't actually fit me at all in reality. I come from a family of intelligent and gifted people in fact. If I was unsure of myself in the slightest there's no way I would have done what I thought I did in my head at least, fighting the black pope, 2 titans, several demons, circles of satanists, a whole population of interdimensionals. LOL I really should check myself in somewhere, but the evidence that it was real was good enough to keep me from going completely over the wall. I'm just glad the job is mostly done, at least on my end. From my perspective GoD decided to give me a challenge and I fucking rocked it, not without some bumps and bruises and highly questionable mental stability in others eyes..but whatever, I'm satisfied and I feel that GoD is too, at least on a very personal level with me.

I really feel for ya, it's upsetting to see someone feeling so attacked, unloved, and tortured on a daily basis. And the fact that you see a huge battle to be won ahead of you. You just gotta stay strong and no matter how weird shit gets, keep your head. You can be whatever you want in your universe..remember that. Stay chill, get some of that high CBD medicine whenever you get a chance and things will calm right the fuck down where you want it.

hugs ~

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