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Message Subject Keep posting about the "Nobody"
Poster Handle A Brother of a Nobody
Post Content
I have known a nobody since I was young. Born in somewhere USA. Regular childhood but a dreamer that was brought up in a very dogmatic religion. It has only been in the last ten years that issues in his life turned him around. There has been much about this man that makes many shake their head but there is no denying the many minds he has changed through his own suffering pains and trying to make sense
of it all. On Septemebr 14th 2008 this nobody danced in a square in some city USA as winds blew through at over a hundred miles per hour... nobody was that impressed even as the markets around the world began to disolve. He lived here and there trying to bring people into who they are to themselves as sacred as anyone ever written. His truth is filled with only what he knows and his journey has been long...

This nobody knows there is no messiah, he only sees into the sacred reality of who everyone is according to themselves. They are mysteries to this nobody. He has held ceremonies throughout the land and has changed many lives and only few acknowlege the power they contain. Last big ceremony was in Connecticut right before the hurricane began to form in the southern Bahamas. He is very connected to his ancestors and talks about his religion being the natural way. He comes from a large family who at first thought he was crazy and poked and prodded him until there were too many coincidences to keep up with their put downs.

Everywhere he goes it seems strange things happen but all who know him act as if its nothing... just him being him. He cherishes people and loves his family. Quiet about all that he sees coming and what is to come. He has a facebook page and writes about his journies -- people take notice and they just allow it to be what it is, almost to strange to promote. This nobody knows this and understands this and to him that is normal. Many have been changed by him... He looks at life as a journey in which the same destination is shared by all.... there are many stories to this man that make one shake his head.

He is not THE Answer... but just somewhere who helps figure out the formulas to what works best in the whole scheme of things. He calls himself a Shaman and says there is nothing wrong with that and the people that claim that if you call yourself a shaman you aren't one are the ones that are wrong... just someone I know -- a common man. But that term the nobody fits him well.

Many know him as the most traveled Shaman in America. And I guess they allow him to be who he needs to be... Where he is welcomed he stays and where he is not he leaves. Another trippy thing is this nobody was born on Christmas and died on September 14th 2007... His life dance a year to the day later is really when all began to ramp up and the first storm knocked out power to millions.

I think there are many nobodies but this one is a favorite.
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